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Beasts: Snaphen | Slog’hoja | Sarmontal Grogen
Places: Gliamen | Port City of A’kosh Na


The Snaphen is one of the most savage beasts in all the land. Not because it is big, but because it is fast. A thick coat of fur can be found all over its body. It has one leg in the front, two in the back, and it stands and travels primarily on its hind legs. However, when it prepares to strike, it will crouch down on all three. The front leg is wider at the base and often functions as an arm using its long toes to grab and latch on to things. Adorned on its face are two ear lobes and a set of five eyes that wrap all the way to the back of its head. Its big teeth are long and sharp and drip with clear bile-like ooze. The combination of the sharp teeth and acidic ooze will cauterize a wound instantly. The Snaphen has an insatiable appetite for fresh meat and its bite will usually keep its victim alive so it can consume it over the course of several days. Luckily, they feast primarily on smaller prey and will most likely not attack larger creatures (like Malentlings) unless their food is in short supply or if provoked.


A slog’hoja has large fierce fangs and long sharp claws. Its vicious growl strikes fear in even the most seasoned travelers. The beast has shiny fur and dark spots. Two small thin tongues can often be seen licking the corners of its mouth to the middle where they came together at one point. It is believed that it can taste the air in anticipation of its next meal. Their muscular legs are long and thin but the body is usually very hearty. It has horns on its large head, its neck and also protruding from their back and bone joints. It is uncommon for anyone to escape an encounter with Slog’hoja because they travel in packs of six to nine and usually eat all evidence of their kill—including the bones. Often they attack without warning as hunger is only one of many reasons for killing. Hunting is a sport for the Slog’hoja and they enjoy the hunt just as much as the kill. Although they travel in large packs, there is often never one that leads alone. Typically, this responsibility is equally shared as is the spoils.

Sarmontal Grogen

The Sarmontal Grogen is a deadly creature that never hunts alone. Usually, if you see one, then there is one or two more that are ready to pounce on you—never more than three as the battle for dominance is too great. Each one has the ability to lead and the will for it to boot. They are more intelligent than most of the creatures of Malent and extremely aggressive. The Sarmontal has six lean muscular legs with four claws on each that makes climbing any terrain very easy. When in attack formation the Sarmontal will fold back its middle two legs and turn sideways. Out of the bottom its hooves are large spikes that slowly protrude out on command from the bottom. They have two eyes on the front of the face and a big mouth. Its nose consists of more nostrils than any other protruding features. With no ears the Sarmontal does not hear but feels its way through the tiny hairs all over its body. Changes in wind and temperature cause it to know how to react and act as if it has sense of feeling motion.