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Beasts: Snaphen | Slog’hoja | Sarmontal Grogen
Places: Gliamen | Port City of A’kosh Na


Gliamen is the home to the Manoto, the most powerful of his race, the Bli’Kriols. The Glimmering City of Gliamen, as it is more formally called, is a large beautiful city surrounded by a massively desolate area that over the years due to harsh climates, two suns and lack of water has become increasingly difficult to travel. The city, however, thrives because it is located on a huge bed of lushly enriched and fertile soil. It is like a large oasis in the middle of the sparkling sands. The air is also charged with an electric aura that causes many lightning storms to form and dissipate quickly. When the thunder comes, it rolls through like a vicious monster and then rolls out in a hurry. The lightning strikes violently and often changes the structure of its victims. For instance, throughout the desert of Wah Ha’ la Jus, there are many seemingly large rocks that were formed from sand infused by the lightning. These rocks with their glassy substance and bright hues are the main building material for the city. Gliamen will appear different to the weary traveler depending on the different times of day as the reflective nature of the city causes it to shift and shimmer in the light from above and reflections from below.

Port City of A’kosh Na

Riddled with unique ocean and coral defenses, the great port city of A’kosh Na is truly one of the major marvels to seek in Malent. Once through the outer defenses, one must then navigate the many cave passages to enter. Finally, the city opens up into bright sunlight even though most of is protected by a huge cliff wall which juts out several hundred feet and is held up by numerous massive stone pillars. The large stone buildings look as though they were created by the best stonemasons in the land. Each block face is smooth like marble and the roofs are curved with a slight bow. None of the buildings are the same color and each are a darker and lighter shade of white, grey, brown and yellow tones. Natural light is reflected throughout the city cavern from the shiny roof tops and when the suns go down the cavern glows in a light yellow hue.